Welcome to Align Bodyworks

We believe in the uniqueness of each individual, and the importance of addressing the current day needs of the body.  On one visit, CranioSacral Therapy suits you best to become more balanced, relieve a headache, or untwist your pelvis.  On another visit, your shoulder, elbow, or wrist may be stiff or in pain and Youthaage Myotherapy becomes the treatment of the day.  Due to similarities of price, it is easy for us here to combine many modalities into one visit to make the best use of your hour and your needs.  We can start with addressing your hip and IT Band concerns with Youthaage, do myofacial release work in your shoulders, and end with CranioSacral to relieve pressure in the neck and head.  We have quiet surroundings to accommodate complete focus on you and help you on your journey to better health and feeling more comfortable in your own body.  Explore our Services page and find out more!