Long Road, Getting Started

I just met with Tamara of Serious Take Productions.  We’re just getting ready to shoot the video that will really illustrate what the Qi’hasur can do.  It’s been a seriously long road to get to this point, but where did this all get started?  Well, the first hit, so to speak, was when I was 6.  I got hit in the head with a bat.  From the point of  view of an almost 15 year veteran in Massage Therapy, getting the skull and neck to suffer such a blow at such a young age, that’s going to have an affect on how that kid turns out.  Well, it did for me.  It’s what has made me so motivated to get ‘unstuck’.  Life is an utter maze, and there’s this class of people called ‘the walking wounded’ who are suffering from something, but because they don’t have a cast, aren’t in a wheel chair, then you’re not ‘bad enough’ to say you’re wounded.  I’m out on the other side, and I have compassion for the walking wounded because I use to be one.  I know what it feels like.  Being a young, blond, blue eyed, skinny teen around Oakland California, I looked great!  Adhesions (those sticky parts of the body that cause pain, stiffness, difficulty) have a way of limiting a person though, and if it is throughout the base of the head and neck, cute only goes so far in life, and lethargy becomes a normal element.

How does the Qi’hasur come into play?  It’s this copper massage tool I created because when I was married to a medical doctor I pursued a lot of things, but still had symptoms that made some functioning difficult.  When the Qi’hasur came into my life a couple years after a divorce, I would go to the chiropractor, then spend the next week working on myself every place that felt needed it.  In this way, I learned the deeper meanings of self care, and I would see a huge difference with even just 15 or 30 minutes of working the tool on one area of my body.  It changed the direction of my life, gave me the energy to engage with my kids better, it changed how I feel every day, that’s why I really want to share this with others.  It’s why I asked Tamara to be a part of this project to share graphically what it does.

I’ll share more soon!

Julie * Circulation Is Life!!