Good Bye Cellulite! Qi’hasur Gets You Beach Body Ready

It’s time for sun and fun for 2014.  What are your plans to look good this year?

I’ve noticed a lot of people at the gyms this spring (It’s Seattle, our March and April were some of our rainiest months!).  The treadmill takes hours, the spinning classes take hours, the dieting takes so long…is there an easier way?  Is there a way that you can ‘target the fat’?

Yes there is.  It’s a Self-Massage called ‘Youthaage’.  Why do we call it Youthaage?  Imagine a bunch of girls playing volleyball.  They are bouncing up and down on legs as if they are springs.  No ache.  No restricted motion.  Most of all, no lumps.

Would you like legs or arms without the lumps?  Without the cellulite?  It is possible.  We have the Qi’hasur here which is a copper disc shaped massage tool that works the tissues in your body more specifically than exercise can.  It increases the circulation so you get better blood flow, and that beautiful look of youth reappears without all the dimpling.

We’re going to be posting more YouTube videos in the month of May showing you targeted areas that you can get rid of your dimpling.  If you’ve got an area of the body you just don’t know what to do with, please let me know in the comments below.  Where do you think it is hopeless?  After a month, two months, 5 months of running, Zumbaing, jumping, and jiggling all over and… It’s.  Still.  There.  Where are you thinking the only thing that would work is surgery?

There really is hope.  If you want free personalized service to talk about what you want to change, catch me on Skype at ‘jamikajul’.  You can also email at

Whatever you are going through, chances are I’ve worked on someone similar, or have gone through something similar.  With a couple years military service, a couple of kids, 45 years on earth, and a lot of experience helping people, I’ll be able to help you with whatever is pudgy, sagging, … whatever area you want to have look younger.

Yes…. even your face!

Qi’hasur enters the World

Working out the aches and pains with the Qi'hasur

Working out the aches and pains with the copper massage tool Qi’hasur

The copper Qi’hasur has been a passion of mine for a while now.  I am really excited to share it with others.  In the beginning, I was dealing with food intolerances and had no idea how it was affecting me.  In June of 2013 I completed work on creating the Qi’hasur and went into testing… on myself!  The most amazing part of it was, within a day or two of using the Qi’hasur doing Self-Massage is when I noticed the biggest effect.  On the face, it softened the skin and brought back my youthful appearance.  Twisting my shoulders and hips became easier.  The skin softened, clothes fit a lot better, and walking around became a joyful running around.

I ended up undoing the results several times by going back to foods I am personally intolerant of.  The foods would cause swelling everywhere, and I’d end up in bed not wanting to move.  I tried to wait it out, or go for a couple days of the healthy foods and get moving that way.  Even coffee…. which some how didn’t work.  Eventually after a couple days I’d do 30 minutes massaging with the Qi’hasur on whatever the worst problem area was.  After the 30 minutes, I’d get up, get ready, and run out to those responsibilities.  Three days later I’d feel great and think that I could have been this way all along just because I’m me.  Um, no.  I’d remember that I had used the Qi’hasur, and that was the reason I was feeling great.  Each time it’s like the clock reversing.  I love calling it Youthaage just for that reason alone!

It really is amazing how our own mind works.  When we feel good, we imagine that this is a constant and we can do anything.  When we feel lousy, it’s a sluggish climb to do even the basic things.  I have a small child to care for, an older daughter I want to enjoy time with, and a house and business that has continual needs.  There is no time for downtime.  I want to be able to move quick and accurate in everything I do, and make time to be with the kids doing things they enjoy, even if it is bouncing on a trampoline with my 6 year old, or walking several miles up and down hills with my 20 year old.

I’m now sharing my Qi’hasur and my story on  I hope others have the opportunity to enjoy discovering it’s amazing effects just like I have.  I keep coming back to it again and again, and I am glad that my very own Qi’hasur will last the rest of my life.  I’ve seen the result of what it does to paper fine skin, rejuvenating the tissues and bringing back the circulation so it becomes soft and pliable again, and I am looking forward to a long life with good skin and muscles to live in.

If you ever have any questions on the Qi’hasur, please feel free to email me at to find out more.  We are also located on Facebook in the group:  ”Qi’hasur and Youthaage Enthusiasts Group”.  It’s a new group, and it will take time to grow.  One by one, I really want to share this with the world!

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